Noelle Turner (b. 1993)

is a British artist based in London. She studied Fine Art at The Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, 2015, and is currently studying part-time MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University. 


My recent paintings explore colour, light and movement in abstraction, gesturing toward landscape and symbolic form. Colour is used as a point of departure to suggest cosmic narratives, drawing connections between energy fields; the land underneath our feet, and planetary systems. My practice is interested in asking questions of the soul, and the potential for painting to connect with unknowable forces of existence.

In my painting process, I aim to achieve patterns brought about through chance, experimenting with the alchemy of painting by mixing pigments in water with different chemicals causing the colour to breakdown and spread like fractals, sometimes causing reactions where crystals form on the surface of the canvas. Parts of the work are erased with bleach. Using bleach as a medium to incise signs and symbols like stamps, I am interested in the nature of ‘origins’ - how sites of erasure and deletion mark moments of creation and life.